Chetan Murti Arts designs and carves the beautiful Hindu Gods statues and Marble God Idols for your home, office, temple, altar and garden including Hindu God Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Krishna, Hanuman Statues, Marble Saraswati Idols, Durga Murti, Kali Maa Idols. We, Chetan Murti Arts Idols and temples, are first of a kind online shop that has the of Hindu God Statues and Marble Temples. Our collection is hand carved by the artists and have been given n high quality finish with long lasting colors for the devotees to perform pooja and use as home decor. Each statue and temple is being provided with everlasting shine which literally requires.We, at Chetan Murti Arts Sculptures, strives to provide the finest handmade idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the world. We travel to intrinsic parts of India to hand pick the statues and get them ready for sell. This ensures that our customers receive only the finest Hindu God Idols available and the artists who carve the Hindu God Idols receive a fair and justifiable price for their skills. Based in All India , India, we export Hindu God Idols, Marble sculptures, marble idols of all Hindu Gods, marble statues Mahatma Gandhi and other, Marble temples. Nowhere in the world will you find such a comprehensive collection of fine Hindu God Statues.Our selection of Marble God Statues our customer service is outstanding. We have what your soul is searching for, bring our statues into your home and into your heart.

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